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Explore career paths in Broadcasting...


Sydney Gray, KMTV

Sydney explains her role as a Multimedia Journalist.

Kent Luetzen, KMTV

Kent talks about his role as a TV station Reporter.

Madison Pitsch, KOLN/KGIN TV

Madison describes her work as a TV station Reporter.

Rod, Channel 8 New Anchor

Rod explains why he is in the fast paced business of reporting and what steps you can take to do it too.

Meet the people in front of the camera while they are on location and in the studio.

Radio On Air Personalities

Connor Happer, KNTK

Connor describes his work as a Sports Talk Radio show host.

Gaby, Radio Lobo Radio Personality

Watch the voices behind the microphone in action as they report and entertain on the air.

Gaby, Radio Lobo Radio Personality

Gaby de Radio Lobo nos explicaqué es lo que mas le gusta de su trabajo como locutora, y consejos para estudiantes qué quieren ser locutores.

Tiago Rey, Broadcast House

Tiago outlines his duties as a Radio Program Director.

Lindsey, KFRX Radio Personality

Lindsey keeps busy acting under one job title but various duties!

D Wayne, KFRX Radio Personality

D Wayne keeps his listeners engaged as the night online personality.

Technical and Engineering


Paul explains his work as a TV station Technical Media Producer.

Broadcast Production

Get a behind the scenes look at a television production control room.

Broadcast Engineers

These engineers design, install and maintain all the equipment involved in running a station.

Advertising Sales

Tate Rittenberger, Broadcast House

Tate explains his role as a Radio/Digital Account Executive.

Jake Sorenson, Broadcast House

Jake talks about selling Radio & Digital advertising.

Sarah Knust, KMTV

Sarah shares her passion for selling TV & Digital advertising.

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